MCMC Players – Mary and Martha

Mary and Martha.

Mary and Martha were sisters.  They were sisters who loved each other but competed against each other.  Martha, the practical one and Mary, the “inspired” one.  Each lived in their own worlds of responsibility and yearning.  Martha invited Jesus and His disciples to stay for dinner expecting Mary to help prepare and cook the food.  Mary was intrigued by Jesus’s teachings.  She chose to sit and listen and engage.  Martha became angry.  She wanted Jesus to chastise Mary.  After all Mary was a woman and women should do women’s work.  Jesus however, reminded Martha that truly what was important was His message.  Mary and Martha were forced to face their differences, confront each other and then sit and share their feelings.  Maybe respecting each other and Jesus’s message was really the only thing of true importance. [Feb 4, 2018]

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